1. Always lock all car windows and doors before leaving your car in the parking area. 
  2. Always park your car in lighted areas during nighttime. 
  3. Park your motor vehicle in secured places.
  4. Check the area where you parked against suspicious looking people.
  5. Avoid displaying valuables inside your car when parking to avoid temptations.
  6. Remove vital parts like ROTOR if possible before leaving your car .
  7. Install alarm and safety devices when possible.
  8. Install hidden master switch.
  9. Avoid using the street near your residence as your parking area.
  10. Always lock your car windows and doors when traveling in congested areas.
  11. Never entrust your car key to strangers to avoid duplicating it.
  12. As much as possible, park your car inside the garage and the garage gate must always be secured and locked.
  13. Never leave your car unattended while the engine is on and the doors are unlocked.
  14. When somebody hit or bumped your car don't alight from your car immediately.   Analyze the situation.
  15. Avoid hitchhikers especially beautiful women.
  16. When waiting for someone don't wait inside the car.
  17. Investigate and require driver applicants to submit Police and NBI Clearances.
  18. Never entrust to prospective buyers the car you are selling for testing purposes without escort.
  19. Never entrust your car key to anybody except to the management when turning over your car for repair.
  20. For PUVs, don't bite for huge sum that the passengers are offering to bring them in certain areas unless you know personally the one offering.
  21. Take note of the plate numbers of the suspected vehicles tailing that hit you. Then report it immediately to the Police