PCSUPT GENTILES reiterates that the police force is on top of the situation. All police stations are implementing stringent security measures to pre-empt any eventuality that may arise during the synchronized protest rallies “kampuhan” initiated by the NDF.

PRO 10 is placed on full alert status and reminds its lower units to remain alert, intensify target hardening measures and take extra security precaution to thwart possible atrocities of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

PRO 10 solicits the cooperation of the community to be vigilant and deny the rebel group’s activities and encourages the public to report any suspicious persons, activities and unusual occurrences in public or any untoward incidents and crime situations to the nearest police station through our Hotline 09176311813 and social media (Twitter-@RPCRDPRO10/@pnppro10 or facebook@ Rpcrd Pro Ten) or through text 2920.