PRO10 Regional Director PBGen Ricardo G Layug Jr. is elated over the significant reduction in the index crime rate in the region on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

Data revealed a 7.24% decrease in index crimes during his first month as Regional Director of PRO10 in October 2023 compared to the previous month.

The total index crime stood at 152 cases in September 2023, while this PRO recorded a significant improvement with 141 total index crimes in October 2023.

While theft, physical injuries, and rape persist as the top three crimes with the highest reported cases in the region, nevertheless, they are decreasing. PBGen Layug expressed his satisfaction and said, “The notable decline in crime rates is a result of the concerted efforts of our law enforcement agencies and the support of the community. We remain committed to creating an environment where our citizens can live, work, and do business.”

However, crime clearance efficiency illustrates a decrease compared to the previous month since under DOJ Department Circular No. 020 Series of 2023 cases covered by these guidelines will undergo case build-up before they are elevated to preliminary investigation.

PBGen Layug then emphasized the importance of community engagement, intel-driven policing, and collaboration with local agencies in crime prevention.

“We understand the importance of building trust and collaboration with the community. Through our community-oriented policing strategies, we aim not only to address existing challenges but also to prevent the occurrence of crimes,” he said.

The decline in index crime rate demonstrates the dedication and collaborative effort of the men and women of PRO10. Thus, PRO10 urges everyone to continue supporting the authority in the campaign against all forms of criminality. ###