The newly issued patrol vehicles were coming from the PNPs Directorate for Logistics and distributed to its end users: Cabanglasan MPS, Sumilao MPS, Baloi MPS, Kapatagan MPS, Pantao Ragat MPS, Tubod MPS, Aloran MPS, Calamba MPS, Ozamis CPS, Kinoguitan MPS, Salay MPS, and El Salvador CPS.

In his message, PBGEN COOP said that the recipients of these vehicles had undergone a selection process of which police stations require transport capabilities.

“These vehicles will be used to support PRO10’s unit troop movement/deployment and other special operations such as Civil Assistance during Civic Actions, Relief and Search and Rescue Operations, Internal Security Operations, and other related incidents.” He said.

He further emphasized that the PNPs success in fulfilling its mandate depends not only on the skills of its personnel but on the quality of mobility and equipment.
“These police mobile assets will certainly boost police patrol and visibility to meet the requirements for greater police presence in the community.” He added. ###