The activity highlighted the roles and accomplishments of the policewomen which accorded recognition and awards to the deserving nine Policewomen and three Non-Uniformed Personnel for displaying an outstanding performance and devotion to duty. A dance production was also presented by the PRO 10 female personnel, followed by an Immediate Action Drill presentation of Regional Mobile Force Battalion 10 female police officers.

Ms. Acorda expressed her respect and admiration to the men and women of PRO10, “I believe the greatest legacy one may leave behind is not wealth or any material things. It’s the legacy of struggle, character, and faith. It’s the number of lives you’ve touched to help them make their lives better… Let us therefore plant seeds of kindness, compassion and love that will help people grow, people that will nurture good people thereby making a difference in this world.” She said.

On the other hand, PBGEN BENJAMIN C ACORDA JR, Regional Director, PRO 10 applauded the overall accomplishments of policewomen of this PRO and said, “My mother, our guests of honor and speaker today, had given points on how to move forward in life. But the most important thing to remember is to pray. Every woman faces different challenges every single day that is why it is important to strengthen your faith. I hope that my mother was able to impart something to the women, or to the “Juanas” not only in Region 10, but also in the entire Philippines.”

PBGEN ACORDA expressed his admiration to the women of PRO 10 who became exemplary of their respective duties. “Continue to flourish and empower other women to make a difference for our country.” He added. ###