Police Regional Office 10 commemorates the day with a simple flag raising ceremony with limited attendees from the members of the Command Group, Regional Staffs, Chief of National Support Units, PNCOs and NUP to ensure that minimum health protocols was observed throughout the celebration. While other PNP personnel participated in the activity in their respective offices through live streaming.

PGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR, CPNP, in his message to the PNP personnel, reaffirms the PNPs commitment to “remain unfaltering in upholding in our sovereignty, protecting people’s right and freedom, having deep respect and highest regard to the rule of law.” He said that “we do not only commemorate the valiant efforts of our heroes who fought for our freedom but we also pay respect, with the highest esteem, to our many modern-day heroes – our front liners who selflessly serve the community during this pandemic, our police officers who lost their lives in the war against illegal drugs and to all of us who have experienced various difficulties and surmounting challenges brought about by COVID-19.”

PBGen Anduyan said, in his message during the program, “let us not put into vain the sacrifices that our fore fathers have done. Let this historic event, our Independence Day serve as our inspiration to do more and work more for our country and people. He also extends his gratitude to the men and women of Police Regional Office 10 for their untiring support.

Likewise, the top PNP of NorMin officials released white doves as part of the commemoration.

PRO 10 urged the public to honor the heroes of the country this Independence Day including the modern-day heroes of the pandemic, the frontliners and all public servants who have been working hard in this health crisis ###