PRO 10 PCO Promotion Committee and PNCO Promotion Board were able to process a total of the 1,447 personnel (104 PCOs and 1,343 PNCOs) for promotion assigned in different police units of PRO 10 who have passed the qualification standards for appointment to the next higher PNP ranks, based on the National Police Commissioned (NAPOLCOM) Resolution No. 2013-501. Those promoted PNCOs from Provincial/City Police Offices and Regional Mobile Force Battalion 10 had their simultaneous Oath-taking and Donning of Ranks in their respective Headquarters.

Breakdown of Promotees: PCOs: 78 PMAJs, 4 PCPTs and 22 PLTs and PNCOs: 210 PEMS, 80 PCMS, 148 PSMS, 85 – PMSg, 276 – PSSg and 544 PCpl.

The promotion was a result of the merit system to give recognition to the PNP personnel and uplift their morale.
During the acceptance speech of PLtCol Michael B Madrid, Most Senior PCO and PEMS Rene P Taghap, Most Senior PNCO has thanked the Promotion Board and the whole PNP organization for the promotion given to them.

PBGEN ANDUYAN, congratulated the promoted personnel and underscored that their promotion does not only imply more authority; but rather comes with a greater commitment and responsibility that needs more responsive career development to adequately meet the demands of higher positions appropriate to their new ranks. They should become good role models of competence, discipline, excellence and professionalism in the organization.###