“This new program will be implemented in three phases as a buddy system which includes matching and pairing with an Active Personnel Buddy to a Pensioner-Buddy; Initial Wellness Check and Visitation of the Pensioner; Quarterly Wellness Check and Visitation” PBGen Anduyan said.

The pairing of police personnel with the rank of police lieutenant colonel down to patrolman/patrolwoman will be tapped in consolidating and reporting information and condition of pensioners and to be assessed by PNP Retirement and Benefits Unit 10 and the Regional Personnel and Records Management Division 10 for further enhancement of the program.

“The core objective of this program is to foster a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the PNP personnel in active service and the PNP pensioners. Also the active personnel assume the responsibility of monitoring the welfare and status of the retirees/pensioners.” He added.

Earlier this month, PRO 10 personnel were sent to monitor the condition and status of their buddy Pensioners.