Part of the activity is to develop its relationship were the games being prepared by the secretariat and one of it was the singing contest between the police and the media wherein the media will have their participants and the same as to the police.

The team media were the winners of the said contest but they find hard to defeat the team PNP.

In general, the PNP and Media were the winners because of better outcome of the said activity wherein ecoected that it will result to best public service that will be delevered to the people which both oath to serve.

The fellowship and media night is plan to be conducted regularly by PRO 10 to sustain the gain for the good of its people in region 10.

Part of the activity were the giving of souvenir items and raffle draw where in everybody were a winner.

PBGen Anduyan expressed his gratitude for the support of the media in making the region peaceful and orderly and asks them to sustain their commitment in serving the people by giving them a better information that can lead to better peace and order. ###