PBGen Jerry C Linsagan, Deputy Regional Director for Administration, administered the oath-taking and donning of ranks to the newly promoted Police Commissioned Officers in PRO 10. The promotion order was signed by PMGen Lyndon G Cubos, Director of the Directorate for Personnel and Record Management (DPRM). The activity were witnessed by the families and relatives of the promotees.

The promotees were PLtCol Leopoldo E Recimilla Jr, - LDN PPO, PLtCol Arnel C Polo - BUKPPO, PLtCol Roger Kent L Andoy - LDN PPO, and PLtCol Mohammad Hashim T Sahidani – LDN PPO.

PBGen Rafael P Santiago Jr extends his wishes and felicitations to the newly promoted PCOs of PRO 10. He said that rank and promotion are not a reward of what was done well, but recognition that each PNP personnel has the potential to do more.

“The new ranks laid on your shoulders manifest the significance of your well-earned promotion. Always be responsible and discipline public servants, consistent with our duties and responsibilities to the public whom we are bound to serve and protect, we are also responsible to our organization. Know what is right and what is wrong, and you will never fail” he further stated.

The donning of ranks is done simultaneously in all levels of command of the PNP to acknowledge the achievement of the promotees ###

Congratulations to the newly promoted Police Lieutenant Colonel of PRO 10!!!