The parents of the three rebels asked the authorities to facilitate the voluntary surrender of their children to return to the arm of the government.

The three rebels surrendered themselves and yielded along with them their firearms: one Garand Rifle with 15 rounds live ammos and two magazines, one Carbine Rifle with 20 rounds live ammos and two magazines, two Rifle Grenade, one Caliber .45 with 10 rounds live ammos and one hand grenade to PCpt Dennis Ebsolo, OIC-PS8 of Cagayan de Oro City Police Office under PCOL Henry G Dampal. City Director.

Upon debriefing the said rebels served as Militia ng Bayan (MB) since 2015 that operates in the area of Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte while Brgy Tignapoloan served as their resting place. Their identities were being withheld for security reasons.

They decided to surrender due to the reasons that they can't take anymore the hardship, tiredness, hunger, security of their life and unfulfilled promises they experienced when they were supporting the NPA.

“Dili na namu maagwanta ang kagutom og gikapoy nami cge tago-tago sa kabukiran” one of the surrenderer said.

All of them are now under the custody of COCPO waiting for the processing of their documents for enrolling to E-CLIP and for their security.

"Since they trusted us, we will do our part to help them get the package prepared for them by the government to live a normal life by enrolling them to E-CLIP" PBGen Santiago said.

“Nothing has been resolved with armed struggles, I ask other rebels who are victims of deception of the NPA to lay down their arms and go back to the folds of the law and support the government” – PBGen Santiago added.

PBGEN SANTIAGO JR congratulated the personnel behind this successful surrender for their dedicated effort to let these NPAs trust them leading to their surrender.

As of this date, there were 13 NPA connected had already surrendered to PRO 10 under the watch of PBGen Santiago Jr.

PRO 10 encourages all members of the NPA to surrender in order to live a normal lives together with their family and help the campaign of the government to End Local Communist Armed Conflict as the main goal of National Task Force created under EO 70 ###