PRO 10 highlighted the activity with the presence of children visitors coming from christians, lumads and muslims from the different provinces and cities to include children from the orphanage in CDO. The children were treated as PRO 10s special guests during the occasion who enjoyed the parlor games and pinoy Olympics together with the policemen establishing a better bond of relationship between the police and the children. This will further lead to a closer relationship between PRO 10 and the children’s families and the community at large.

The children were treated to a lunch boodle fight style together with visitors from national and regional government agencies with RD PRO 10 PBGEN SANTIAGO JR eating with their bare hands enjoying the food so that the atmosphere and essence of the fiesta were felt together.

Meanwhile the painting contest with the theme “Police-Community, Bridging the Gap-Promoting Peace and Development in the Countryside” was attended by Provincial and City Police Office contestants from senior high school students to share their views on how the community and police promote peace in the countryside thru their paintings. The children painters where made to express their views and concepts of their painting on the manner they drew it. All of them were very much aware that the police is one of the most important organization that can bridge the gap between the government and the community to pave the way to peace. Most of all, they emphasized in their paintings that the community should be aware also that the police who are immersed in the community 24/7 needs their support to win the fight against criminality, CTs/NPA and other terrorist groups to attain stability leading to lasting peace.

PBGEN SANTIAGO JR personally gave his gifts to more than 300 Lumad, Muslim and Christian children as special guests which composed of toys, umbrellas, bags with school supplies and loot bags. Further, he prepared magicians, cosplay and further treated them with ice cream, cotton candies, bbq hotdogs, cupcakes and other snacks so that the children’s stay with PRO 10 will be more enjoyable and memorable.

“We got them together, the lumads, muslims and childrens, in one place to celebrate with us because our police community relations has no boundary” PBGEN SANTIAGO JR said.

It is indeed “POLICE COMMUNITY RELATIONS AT ITS BEST! And we intent to bring our community works to every nook and cranny of the region more so in the marginalized areas.

“These police community works only shows that we can bond the different culture and religion in our effort to attain peace” PBGEN SANTIAGO JR said.

This is our humble effort in PRO 10 to support the long time dream of our beloved PRRD: LASTING PEACE IN OUR COUNTRY, as member of Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC) we shall continue to commit ourselves with utmost dedication to our sworned duty; to SERVE and PROTECT.

As our dear PRRD has said: “LESS TALK, MORE WORK”###

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