PCSupt Pacleb ordered deployment of police personnel and K-9 units in places of converge and directed intelligence units to intensify intelligence gathering. "We need to further intensify our intelligence monitoring and liaising to build a strong information network against this kind of terror attack," he said. "We will once again give the public our hotline numbers which will be ready to answer the public 24/7," PCSupt Pacleb added.

The police hotlines are as follows: 

Bukidnon PPO                                      Camiguin PPO
-09985986851                                       -09985986908
Mis Or PPO                                          Mis Occ PPO
-09985986940                                       -09985986915
-09056042841                                       -09173160837 
Iligan CPO                                            CDO CPO
-09985987004                                       -09177713663

Lanao PPO

          "Stay calm and vigilant," Pacleb said. "The best defense against terrorists is awareness and vigilance. When we see something, say something. Report to the police any person, activity or thing which raises our suspicion and the police will take care of it," Pacleb added.

          "We assure the public that the government security forces are on top of the situation and are continuously conducting innovative strategies to ensure security and public safety," Pacleb said.


Spokesperson, PRO10