Robinson Benitez y Cabararos, 36 yrs old, married and employee of City Engineers Office (HVT but not on the DI list), and John Paul Banguerigo y Paganao, 36 yrs old, married and a resident of Fernandez St., Dolores/Rizal CdeO was arrested by joint personnel of RDEU-10 and COCPO – Police Station 1 at Clemente-Fernandez/Rizal St this city on July 19, 2018 at about 10:15 A.M. They were caught in the act having drug pot session.

Seized from the duo were two unsealed rectangular sachet containing suspected shabu, improvised aluminum foil gutter and tooters containing suspected shabu residue, improvised aluminum foil needles and disposable lighters.

Charges for violation of R.A. 9165 are being prepared against the arrested suspects.

PCSUPT TIMOTEO G PACLEB, Regional Director commended the operating personnel for a job well done and encourages PRO 10 personnel to continue its unwavering efforts to eradicate all forms of illegal drugs in the region and keep on reinvigorating its anti-criminality campaign. ###