All Provincial/City Police Offices and Regional Mobile Force Battalion 10 have alerted their Civil Disturbance Management personnel and tactical units on the ground starting April 30, 2018 ready to respond for any eventualities within their area of jurisdiction.

Relatedly, all PNP contingents are reminded to observe “Maximum Tolerance”, the PNP’s standing policy when it comes to handling mass actions/demonstrations on the protesters. Likewise, Police Assistance Desks are still in placed in convergence points like bus terminals, airports, seaports, main thoroughfares and crime prone areas to ensure maximum police presence as “Ligtas SumVac 2018” is very much in effect.

           The community is advised to remain calm, vigilant and observant,   and immediately report any suspicious persons, activities and unusual occurrences in public or any untoward incidents and crimes to the nearest police station. ###