What we find very unjust in NPA is that ordinary people are honestly earning their living, sweating it out, using of bones and muscles to feed their families and then the NPA will just easily take their source of earnings away by burning down the heavy equipment’s and agricultural properties were they toil. This is a clear indication of the armed rebel’s sustained violation of human rights to earn a living.

PRO 10 intensifies the target hardening intervention in all vital installation and security measures to thwart possible atrocities that the NPA may undertake amidst the encounter between the government troops and local terrorist group in Marawi, City, Lanao del Sur. They might take advantage by conducting series of atrocities.  Nonetheless, the public is assured that the PNP and AFP will support each other in conducting law enforcement operations against these criminals and lawless elements;

PRO 10 encourages the people to strongly deny the rebel group activities and report them immediately to the authorities. The PNP further calls on the armed rebels to lay down their arms and return to the their families who need them very much in order to enjoy the life of being peaceful and to help the government develop the country into a peaceful place to live and enjoy the graces of God.