PNP Seal Symbolism


Lapu-Lapu Hero - The great Filipino hero of Mactan, the prototype of the best and most noble in Filipino manhood who is the symbol and embodiment of all the genuine attributes of leadership, courage, nationalism, self-reliance and a people-based and people powered community defense. The benevolent and heroic warrior who derived added strength from a cohesive, determined and loyal people is today a fitting symbol and a prototype as well of people power to preserve our values, customs, traditions, way of life and the rule of law thru a solidly community-based police system. Lapu-Lapu also personifies for us today civilian constitutional authority.

Laurel - Green Laurel with 14 leaves, symbolizes the 14 Regional Commands. It is also a symbol of the honor, dignity and the privilege of being a member of a noble organization where the call to public service is par excellence a commitment to public trust.

Shield - The symbol of the Philippine Constabulary, the first National Police by virtue of Organic Act No. 175, enacted by the Philippine Commission on 18 July 1901. The Philippine Constabulary for the close to 90 years of service to the nation has performed with honor, professionalism and courage. The PC has carved out a large part of the glorious pages of Philippine history, as attested by its proudly and deservedly garnering 86 of the 92 "Medals of Valor" the highest honor that a grateful Filipino nation can bestow on its gallant sons in the service of the Republic. Most appropriately therefore, the Philippine Constabulary became the nucleus of the Integrated National Police in 1975 to nurture the then embryonic concept of the nationalization of the country's local police forces.

Three Stars - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and the 1,700 islands and the territorial integrity wherein the National Police must enforce the law and maintain peace and order with professionalism, zeal and dedication in keeping with the highest ideals and traditions of service to our country and people.

Service • Honor • Justice - Added distinct ideals for the officers, men and women of the PNP to insure efficiency, integrity, cohesiveness, camaraderie and equanimity to enhance community acceptance and support to attain its mission of peace keeping and law enforcement.

Sun - Symbolize the flowering, maturing and ultimate realization of the glorious evolution of the PC/INP into a National Police Organization - "national in scope and civilian in character" - as enshrined in the 1986 Constitution. The Traditional light rays which represents the fightingest provinces whose ideals of courage and patriotism the members of the National Police must possess.


PNP Badge Symbolism

Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle The National Bird - symbol of swiftness and ferocity, power, courage and immortality.

PNP Shield - Symbol of protection of all citizens.

Three Stars - Stands for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao which constitute the Republic's Territorial Integrity over which the PNP must enforce the law and maintain peace and order with professionalism, zeal and dedication in keeping with the highest ideals and traditions of service to God, Country and People.

Eight Sun Rays - Represents the eight (8) provinces whose ideals of courage, gallantry patriotism led to their revolt against Spain.

Lapu-Lapu -
Symbolizes the bravery of the Philippine National Police.

Service, Honor, Justice -
Service is the vibrant and cogent deeds and actions in response to the needs and wants of the people in distress: Honor could be the overriding criterion and consideration in the performance of their entrusted task or mission: and Justice dispensed to everyone whatever is due to him without favoritism or discrimination of any sort.

Laurel Leaves - Symbolizes the competency, brilliance and honor in the field of endeavor expected from each and every member of the PNP.

Philippine National Police - Identity of Solidarity.

PNP Badge of Honor

Upon taking the oath and assumption to office, you are invested, by the people and the law with the authority as a law enforcer.

The PNP Badge now pinned on your left breast is the symbol of that legal authority. It is so placed, nearer your heart, to remind you of the fidelity and dedication to duty expected of you as a public servant.

You have been entrusted with the badge as a symbol of your worthiness as a police officer to serve and protect the people from whom you derived the power and authority to enforce the laws of the land without fear or favor.

You are to oversee the general welfare of the people and ensure that peace and order is maintained at all times. You shall ever be mindful that the police is the protector of the weak, defender of the innocent, and advocate of human rights.

At the center of your badge is the PNP seal held bravely by our hero Lapulapu, the first Filipino to defend our country against foreign invaders despite being inferiorly equipped.

Inside the seal are the virtues of service, honor and justice. They remind you to always render the highest form of public service for our fellowmen. You are to serve the citizenry with the commitment of sacrifice and willingness to die in service of God, country and people.

Duty and honor now bind you to be faithful to the trust bestowed upon you by the people. Your badge reminds you to maintain the dignity of your character at all times and to strenuously enforce by example, a steady obedience to the laws of the land.

Exemplary conduct on your part will convince our people that you merit the just title and authority as you patrol the streets and walk your daily beat.

Walk tall, head up and bravely face the daily dangers of duty. Keep the badge unsullied and free of any breach of fidelity. By the regularity of your conduct, always endeavor to avoid any aspersion against our institution.

You are to preserve our cherished customs and traditions and never countenance any deviation from them nor allow them to be infringed.

Your dignity as a police officer symbolized by the badge is now pinned on you heart. Never swerve from your solemn oath of office; violate your vows; or betray the public trust.

You are a police officer... Wear your badge with honor.