The Philippine National Police

The passage into law on December 13, 1990 of Republic Act No. 6975 entitled “An Act Establishing the Philippine National Police under a reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government and Other Purposes” ended the existence of the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police and gave way to the creation of the Philippine National Police, now known as the country's police force that is national in scope and civilian in character. It is administered and controlled by the National Police Commission.

With the effectivity of Republic Act No. 8551, otherwise known as the “Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998,” the PNP was envisioned to be a community and service oriented Agency. As mandated by law, the PNP activated/created the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) on a national scope on June 1, 1999. It is an organization within the structure of the PNP and one of its tasks is to help the Chief, PNP institute reforms to improve the image of the police force through assessment, analysis and evaluation of the character and behavior of the PNP Personnel. It is headed by the Inspector General.

Our Vision

The Men and Women of the PNP is committed to a vision of a professional, dynamic and highly motivated Philippine National Police working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safe place to live, work, invest and do business.

Our Mission

To enforce the law, to prevent and control crimes, to maintain peace and order, and to ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

Our Motto


Our Core Values


Police Officer's Pledge

I will love and serve GOD, my country and people;
I will uphold the Constitution and obey legal orders of the duly constituted authorities;
I will oblige myself to maintain a high standard of morality and professionalism;
I will respect the customs and traditions of the police service and
I will live a decent and virtuous life to serve as an example to others.

PNP Constitutional Basis:

Section 4, Article 2 of the 1987 Constitution provides that, "... it is the policy of the State to promote peace and order, ensure public safety and further strengthen local government capability aimed towards the effective delivery of basic services for the citizenry through the establishment of a highly and competent police force that is national in scope and civilian in character".

Section 23, Chapter III, of Republic Act No. 6975, "An Act Establishing the Philippine National Police Under a Reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government", or otherwise known as, "The PNP Law".

Republic Act No. 8551, "An Act Providing for the Reform and Reorganization of the Philippine National Police and for other Purposes, amending Certain Provisions of RA No. 6975", or otherwise known as, "The PNP Reform Act of 1998".