PRO 10 accorded a Foyer Honors for PBGEN JASON D ORTIZO, Director of PNP Chaplain Service with the host PCOL RONALDO R CABRAL, DRDA, PRO 10 at PR0 10 Headquarters, Camp 1Lt Vicente G Alagar, Lapasan, CDOC on May 26, 2021.

PBGEN ORTIZO conducted Pastoral Visit and Moral Upliftment and Psycho-Spiritual Talk to the men and women of Police Regional Office 10 as part of the CPNP’s program “Intensified Cleanliness Policy”.

In his message, the Director emphasized that “not all illness needs doctor, but a spiritual and psychological help”. He said, that in the midst of these trying times, all materials things mean nothing, what is important is the relationship with Lord, His mercy, His grace and compassion will give us all hope in life”.

Also, the Director mentioned that in line with the E-Sumbong program of the CPNP, the chaplain service launched the E- Gabay, online counseling for that personnel placed under quarantine. In this program, contact numbers of coaches will be placed in every quarantine facility of the PNP.

After the talk to men, the Director met with the Values/Life Coaches of our Squad Weekly Interactive Meeting (SWIM). The life coaches have an important role in the PNP especially the program thrust of Chief, PNP the intensified Cleanliness Policy in Ranks. Life Coaches serve as a backbone on the PNP Chaplain Service to reach the moral and spiritual aspect of our personnel.

PBGEN ROLANDO B ANDUYAN, Regional Director is grateful for the pastoral visit of the Director of PNP Chaplain Service. He said, that the visit of the Director is but timely to boost and encourage the men and women of PRO 10 to continue to serve and protect with utmost commitment and dedication to the community in region 10 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The activity was carried out by the strict implementation of minimum health standard to avoid the spread of COVID 19 and other diseases ###