PRO 10 accorded an Arrival Honors for PBGEN JOHN MITCHELL V JAMILI, Director, Maritime Group with the Host PBGEN ROLANDO B ANDUYAN, Regional Director together with the Command Group and other PCOs during his visit at PRO 10 Headquarters, Camp 1Lt Vicente G Alagar, Lapasan, CDOC on March 17, 2021.

PBGEN JAMILI served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the Joint Opening Ceremony of Police Executive Scuba Divers Course Class 01-2021MG and Police Scuba Divers Course Class 01-2021MG. The said classes were composed of 56 personnel from PRO 10, Bureau of Fire Protection and Bureau of Jail and Management Penology 10.

Police Basic Scuba Diver Course provides the participants with relevant trainings in underwater operations to include under water search and rescue operations and to enhance their swimming skills in preparation for crisis and critical management operations involving maritime disaster incidents.

“Being a scuba divers takes great responsibility and meticulous attention. It provides our personnel with much needed capacity to perform various functions that include search and rescue and even underwater investigation more efficiently. But more importantly, police scuba diving gives you the opportunity to save life” PBGEN JAMILI said.

PBGEN ROLANDO B ANDUYAN, expressed his gratitude for our Guest of Honor in gracing the opening of Police Executive Scuba Divers Course Class 01-2021MG and Police Scuba Divers Course Class 01-2021MG in PRO 10 for embodying PNP thrust in championing the significant police function to ensure public safety and internal security over Philippine territorial waters and developing competent police divers. This will also create PRO 10 Dive Team as our valuable assets together with the Maritime Group.

The activity was carried out in strict compliance with necessary minimum health standard to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases ###