Police Regional Office 10 already laid out all over the region its full alert status as the security preparations for the holy week reached full swing.

PBGEN TIMOTEO GASCON PACLEB, RD PRO 10 has ordered the deployment of more policemen in terminals, airports, seaports, highways, malls, resorts, churches and other holiday convergence areas to beef up police presence and ensure the tranquil observance of Lent. Considering that Region 10 has a high based on terrorism threat level we continue to undertake preemptive measures against terrorist attack and other criminalities. “We have augmented additional Mobile Forces along our tactical borders to ensure security measures and continuously safeguard holiday convergence areas manned either by uniformed police or covert security personnel to prevent untoward incidents.” BGEN Pacleb added.

PRO 10 continue to implement checkpoints, conduct law enforcement functions, encourage the participation of force multipliers, volunteers and intensify the use of BINs to augment the police station in their respective areas of responsibilities.

The Regional Director also ordered that there will be Police Assistance Desk (PAD) which will be stationed in strategic areas region-wide ready to extend services to the public. Passenger Assistance Centers will also be visible in terminals, airports and seaports which will be manned by the territorial Police Station.

Meanwhile, PRO10 spokesperson PLTCOL SURKI A SEREÑAS also urged the public to refrain from posting their vacation plans and daily routine activities on social media. “Community should be cautious because thieves nowadays are also monitoring social media accounts to look for victims.”, PLTCOL Sereñas added.

Situational awareness must be applied at all times, we should not give them any chance of opportunity to commit crimes.

Police stations has also come up with an innovative crime prevention campaign strategy through social media such as Twitter and Facebook where they enjoined the public to be vigilant, safety and security conscious during the Lent and Summer Vacation. Furthermore, we encourages the public to report any incidents to the policemen assigned at Police Assistance Desk or through social media facebook account – PNP ProTen Rpio facebook account or Hotline 09153033072 or Dial 911.


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