NorMin Crime Volume Decreased as Tokhang Relaunched Gains Momentum

Police Regional Office 10 1st Quarter total crime volume showed a drastic decrease of 38.13% compared to the crime statistics recorded in 2016 and 2017.

The crime volume in Northern Mindanao dropped significant as compared to the same period in the last two years. From January to March, it registered  5,714 crimes in 2016 and 5,295 crimes in 2017 compared to the current crime volume drops of 3,276, it decreased by 38.13%.

          Our assessment point out to the link and direct effect of the diminished presence of illegal drugs in the streets as a result of the intensified anti-illegal drugs campaign. Most of the prevalent crimes are usually drug related cases like theft, robbery, physical injury, domestic violence, rape and all forms of abuse. Thus, we were not surprised of the marked decrease in crime volume as stressed in timeline.

            Since January to March this year there were 534 persons were arrested in our intensified anti-illegal drugs campaign wherein 6,571 households were re-visited by our police stations with 504 self-confessed drug users and 107 drug pushers have voluntarily surrendered.  

With this accomplishment, PCSUPT TIMOTEO PACLEB, remarked the PRO 10 personnel will carry on its mandated task to enforce the law and place lawless elements behind bars. He also, directed all Provincial / City Police Offices to continuously conduct efficient campaign and advocacy by implementing a wide-ranging pro-active approach / strategy on the campaign against all forms of criminality in coordination with various law enforcement and other concerned government agencies.###


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