PRO 10 Intensifies Security Measures for SUMVAC 2017

PCSUPT AGRIPINO G JAVIER, RD PRO 10 has reminded all units to secure vital installations and implement target hardening measures in relation to the operational guidelines of the PNP dubbed as “Ligtas SUMVAC 2017”.

PCSUPT JAVIER, has ordered lower units the deployment of more policemen in terminals, airports, seaports, highways, malls, resorts, churches and other recreational areas to beef up police presence and ensure the peaceful summer vacation. During this period various events are expected to be celebrated such as holy week, town fiestas, Day of Valor, Flores de Mayo and other related activities that will start early of April until end of May this year. Such events will draw vacationers / tourists which will result to numerous commuters and travelers to visit their respective provinces and tourist destinations and these may cause peace and order concerns including traffic congestions, accidents and other crimes. Criminal elements might take advantage of people converging in places such as beach and other tourist destinations for relaxation and recreation.


PRO 10 is now implementing its PNP Online Recruitment Application System (PNP ORAS), a web-based and central recruitment application system to fill the eight hundred sixty available slots for new batch of Police Recruits in the region. Applicants may reach the website: which will open on April 3, 2017 (8:00AM) to April 28 (11:59PM), 2017, to facilitate their application.

MPSPC 48th Foundation Anniversary and 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming

Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) will be celebrating its 48th Foundation Anniversary and 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming on April 10, 2017 at 7:00 am at MPSPC Bontoc campus with the theme "Valuing the past...Strengthening our ties... Weaving lasting legacies..."

This event shall endeavour to gather all graduates of the Bontoc Community College, Mountain Province College, Mountain Province Community College and Mountain Province State Polytechnic College in all of its campuses and for all its undergraduate and graduate programs.