Police Regional Office 10 under the leadership of PCSUPT TIMOTEO GASCON PACLEB, Regional Director emphasized that PRO 10 readiness is packed with firm adherence of human rights law as he ordered all City/Provincial Police Office and Regional Mobile Force Battalion 10 to strictly observe maximum tolerance particularly in crown and cause-oriented groups management.

         In line with the  PRO 10 preparation for Labor Day, Barangay and SK Election 2018 and SONA of President Duterte, mass demonstration/rally holds the first CDM Competition at Police Regional Headquarters, Camp 1Lt  Vicente G Alagar, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City on April 25, 2018 at about 8:00 A.M.

         The eight CDM Contingents composed of Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO), Iligan City Police Office (ICPO), Bukidnon Police Provincial Office, Misamis Oriental Police Provincial Office, Misamis Occidental Police Provincial Office, Lanao del Norte Police Provincial Office, Camiguin Police Provincial Office and Regional Mobile Force Battalion engaged in a friendly competition to assess the degree and level of adequacy of preparation, effectiveness, implementing maximum tolerance and swift response in addressing various civil disturbance situation in terms of support, negotiation, arrest, monitoring, SWAT, medical and fire protection.

        Competing teams were rated by the CDM competition organizers from PRO Directorial Staff and NAPOLCOM during their showdown inspection, presentation of different formations and scenario solving.

         The CDM competition has three important reasons: (1) to test the preparedness of all Civil Disturbance Management Units. All team were graded and inspected through the completeness of CDM composition, equipment, uniform and support elements; to keep the ground units reminded that maximum tolerance must be observed in all police operation procedures in handling civil disturbance, (2) to find out the strength preparation and (3) profound response in addressing various threats during emergency situations.

       Regional Mobile Force Battalion prevailed over other competitors as they persistently gained high marks in the three phases of the competition. Next to RMFB is BUKPPO as First Runner-up and COCPO as Second Runner-up. They all received trophies and cash prizes.

     PCSUPT PACLEB, assured that the CDM members attitude/behavior, efficiency, competence and effectiveness showed in the competition will also be the same on the actual scenario to protect and serve the government and the people with full respect of the every rights of the person.