PRO 10 Ensures Public Safety and Security during Kalagkalag 2017

To ensure the safety and security of the general public who will pay tribute to their departed love ones this Kalagkalag 2017, Police Regional Office 10 will be deploy appropriate number of policemen in all cemeteries within its area of responsibility as early as October 31, 2017. More personnel will also be deployed for police presence in all places of convergence like bus terminals, airports, seaports, churches and places of worship, tourist destination, and vital installation.

As what PRO-10 always implemented during holidays and special events, the entire region will be placed on full alert status to provide security coverage and public safety services. Police operations will be intensified to monitor the plans and activities of criminal elements and other threat groups.

PCSUPT TIMOTEO G PACLEB, Regional Director has ordered lower units the deployment of more policemen to intensify target hardening and security measures, intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, public safety plans to ensure a secured, safe and orderly observance of All Saints and All Souls Day.

The deployment will include Road Safety Marshalls in strategic areas along the routes to and from the cemeteries and other areas of convergence. Police Assistance Center (PAC) will also be established as part of the PNP’s service for the general public and motorists in coordination with Local Government Units and force multipliers to prevent criminal activities. The Regional Director also directed Provincial and City Directors to supervise their men as they always solicit the utmost cooperation of the public.

PCSUPT PACLEB, emphasized the strict implementation and monitoring on the prohibition of bladed weapons, flammable materials, liquors, and other alcoholic beverages, gardening tools, loud speakers and gaming cards inside the cemeteries to preserve solemnity and peace in the place.

The community is advised to be alert, vigilant and observant against any suspicious persons and activities and encouraged them to report immediately to the established Police Assistance Center in all cemeteries and nearest police stations.  

PNP PRO 10 also reminded those who will travel to the provinces to secure their respective homes, unplug electrical appliances and make sure that all points of entry are locked.

Motorists travelling to the provinces are also reminded to check their vehicles “BLOWBAGETS” (battery, light, oil, water, brakes, air, gas, engine, tie and self) condition before embarking on a trip.

Police stations has also come up with an innovative crime prevention campaign strategy through social media such as Twitter and Facebook where they enjoined the public to be vigilant, safety and security conscious. PCSUPT PACLEB, remarks the security awareness of community is vital to deter crimes.