PRO 10 Cops Undergo Suprise Drug Test

On September 18, 2017, PCSUPT TIMOTEO G PACLEB, Regional Director conducted surprise drug testing to all personnel of Regional Headquarters as part of the PNP internal cleansing program, particularly aimed at ferretting out drug-using policemen.  

PCSUPT PACLEB, led his men in submitting their urine specimen to the Regional Crime Laboratory during a command conference at PRO 10 Headquarters in Camp Alagar this city. Others who took the test were members of PRO 10 Command Group, their different division chiefs and officials of Regional Operation Support Units.

This is in compliance with the directive of PDG RONALD DELA ROSA, CPNP to cleanse the rank from Officers down to the lowest rank as part of the PNP internal cleansing strategy of the organization. It is to restore and uphold the integrity of the organization and public’s trust with the conduct of mandatory drug tests among all personnel and intensified efforts to eradicate illegal drugs as majority of heinous crime in the country are drug-related. Furthermore, the PNP will not tolerate any member of the organization who violates the law and gets involved in illegal drugs. 

As a matter of policy, those found positive for illegal drug use and involvement in illegal drug syndicates shall be sanctioned accordingly and/or shall be subject to dismissal from police service.

Police Regional Office 10 leadership wants Police Officers that have unsullied service reputation, unblemished record, and a character beyond suspicion to perform their mandated task to get rid of illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.