Arrest of NPA Bomber/IED Expert By Joint Operations of PNP PRO 10 and Philippine Army

That at about 6:30 AM of August 2, 2017 (Wednesday) at the vicinity of (GC51NYJ 29188 45512) Purok 8, Barangay Kiburiao, Quezon, Bukidnon, joint personnel of Provincial Public Safety Company, BUKIDNON PPO led by PSI NOEL CANO and Philippine Army encountered more or less five (5) members of NPA by undetermined commander which lasted for five (5) minutes. The said encounter resulted to the  arrest of two (2) NPA suspects identified as Ruel Cololot (Bomber/IED Expert) and Ramil Cololot carrying one (1) 57 RR were both members of the Guerilla Front 6 (GF6) and recovered the following:

a.    Two Laptops;
b.    One Glock Cal. 40;
c.    One 57RR;
d.    Five pieces of 10 kilograms PVC Anti-Vehicle Command Wire Improvised Explosive Device (four olive drove colored and one black);
e.   Four pieces of 11 kilograms steel Anti-Vehicle Command Green Wire Improvised Explosive Device;
f.    Five pieces of 2.5 kilograms PVC Improvised black Claymore Mine;
g.   Ten pieces of green PVC Anti-personnel explosive device;
h.   Two hundred meters of yellow detonating cord
i.    Ten meters of red safety fuse;
j.    Four pieces of improvised black galvanometer;
k.    Four pieces of improvised blue tester;
l.    Two pieces of black electronic tester;
m.   Thirty meters of red and black flat cord;
n.    Three pieces of improvise remote control receiver;
o.    Two pieces of improvised remote control transceiver;
p.    Two pieces of soldering iron;
q.    Two pieces of flashlight;
r.    One piece of cal, 38 revolver snub nose
s.    One piece cal. 38 revolver;
t.    Three pieces of improvise electronic blasting cap;
u.    Five pieces of non-electronic blasting cap;
v.    Ten pieces of antenna;
w.   Two rolls of wire;
x.    Two pieces of 9 volts battery
y.    Two subversive documents
z.    Firing wire
aa.   Switch Box
bb.   One roll of copper wire;
cc.   One ID- Anak Pawis name Ruel Cololot;
dd.   Fifty-one rounds of ammunition of cal 30
The suspects, IED/BOMB components and paraphernalia, firearms and subversive documents were turned over to Bukidnon Provincial Police Office under the leadership of the Provincial Director, PSSUPT BENEDICTO T PINTOR for proper disposition and case filing.

PCSUPT TIMOTEO GASCON PACLEB, Regional Director of PRO 10, commended the operating personnel for the successful police operation against the NPA. He also expressed his appreciation to the community on their vigilance and security conscious in all our efforts against the CNN atrocities.