PRO 10 Intensifies Security Measures for SUMVAC 2017

PCSUPT AGRIPINO G JAVIER, RD PRO 10 has reminded all units to secure vital installations and implement target hardening measures in relation to the operational guidelines of the PNP dubbed as “Ligtas SUMVAC 2017”.

PCSUPT JAVIER, has ordered lower units the deployment of more policemen in terminals, airports, seaports, highways, malls, resorts, churches and other recreational areas to beef up police presence and ensure the peaceful summer vacation. During this period various events are expected to be celebrated such as holy week, town fiestas, Day of Valor, Flores de Mayo and other related activities that will start early of April until end of May this year. Such events will draw vacationers / tourists which will result to numerous commuters and travelers to visit their respective provinces and tourist destinations and these may cause peace and order concerns including traffic congestions, accidents and other crimes. Criminal elements might take advantage of people converging in places such as beach and other tourist destinations for relaxation and recreation.

PCSUPT JAVIER, also stressed that there will be Police Assistance Desk which will be stationed in strategic areas region-wide ready to extend services to the public. Passenger Assistance Centers will also be visible in terminals, airports and seaports which will be manned by the territorial Police Station. 

PRO 10 has also come up with an innovative crime prevention campaign strategy through social media such as Twitter and Facebook where they enjoined the public to be vigilant, safety and security conscious. PCSUPT AGRIPINO G JAVIER, remarks the security awareness of community is vital to deter crimes.