On February 26, 2017 a Youtube video was uploaded by a user ‘ang kalihukan’ with a link watch?v=olYjYcEMsK4 of PO2 Gerome Anthony Natividad, assigned at Kalilangan MPS, Bukidnon who was abducted by the New People’s Army (NPAs) last February 9, 2017 appealing to President Rodrigo Roa Dutertre for a chance to be freed from rebels.

PRO 10 appreciates the gesture of the NPA respecting the human rights of PO2 Natividad; However, It would be much better that they will release the police officer, so that he can provide support to his family needs which was curtailed as he was abducted by the NPA and if released he will continue serving the community. The absence of PO2 Natividad due to his abduction will prolong the agony of his family which is a deprivation of their human rights.

PRO 10 assures the community that its personnel will continue performing their mandates in religiously serving and protecting the people and maintaining the peace and order inspite of the unfortunate abduction of their peer.