PRO10 Steps Up Internal Discipline and Cleansing

With the leadership of PCSUPT AGRIPINO G JAVIER, Regional Director, PRO10 launched its program on Strengthening Internal Discipline and Service Oriented Practice of Personnel (SIDSOPP) in congruence to the CPNP’s thrust to cleanse the PNP of misfits.

PRO10 commemorated its discipline measures by downloading all PO1 from Regional Headquarters to be assigned in the field and perform police instruction in the different municipal police station in Region 10. It also conducted random inspection of Units/Offices and accounted their personnel if they are really or actually performing their duties and functions. It was found that some units are practicing the 15/30 duty in view of a monthly payment to their superiors. There are more or less 30 personnel that were reported to be involved and are now subject of validation and investigation.

PRO10 also initiated its program on strengthening administrative requirements and processing of claims and benefits so as not to burden personnel performing their job in the field.